Singapore Collection

The museum collections range from stamps and archival philatelic material of Singapore from the 1830s to present day, and stamps from member countries of the Universal Postal Union.

Singapore became an independent nation on 9 August 1965. The country's first stamp issue as an independent nation was a commemorative stamp issue that marked its first anniversary of independence in 1966.
The Singapore Collection from 1965 to present day is shown in the museum's Green Room.

First Republic Stamps

National Day, 1966

First Definitive Issue

Masks, Dances and Musical Instruments Series Definitives, 1968

First Miniature Sheet

150th Anniversary of Founding of Singapore, 1969

Singapore Lion Head

20 Years of National Service, 1987
The Lion Head is depicted on all stamps starting from the '20 Years of National Service' issue in 1987.