'I Am Singaporean' Stamps - Issued 4 Aug 2014

I am Singaporean Stamps to Mark Singapore’s 49 Years of Independence (1965-2014)
Date of Issue: 04 August 2014

(Complete set of 'I Am Singapore' stamps)

On 4 August 2014, SingPost issued this set of stamps to celebrate the unique traits, values and characteristics of Singaporeans and this island we call home. This stamp set is the second of three sets of commemorative stamps that was released from 2013 to 2015 to celebrate Singapore's 50 years of national building. 


What does 'I Am Singaporean' Mean?



a sunny island well known
for our tropical climate
all year round.


Arts & Culture

 Our melting pot of different races and culture


Here, eating (makan) ranks as
one of the top national pastime.

From chicken rice
to chili crab
to teh tarik
and roti prata,
there's a mind-boggling
variety of food options to suit
everyone's palette.
Singapore Spirit

A quiet determination to press on
in the face of tough times,
and the resilience to fight
the odds no matter what.

We are a nation
known to always punch
above our weight. 


Our shared sense of purpose
to build an inclusive society for all,
where each individual will
have the opportunity
to contribute to
and share the fruits
of our nation's success.


National Service 

A rite of passage for all Singaporean young men,
and an opportunity to build life-long friendships
and strength in character.

NS turns our boys to men.


Great Singapore Sale 

We love shopping so much that
we even immortalise it
as a festival of sorts every year.



Changi Airport -
Singapore's international gateway and
an icon that makes us instantly
recognisable to the world,
and one that we are so proud of.


Park Connector Network 

Singapore has been championing
the clean and green cause
before being environmentally friendly
became popular.

we have an intricate network of
green corridors and
biking routes that we are proud of.



Hardy, resilient and able to bloom
throughout the year,
Singapore's national flower,
the Vanda Miss Joaquim,
truly embodies our Singapore Spirit.


Racial Harmony 

We are a society that celebrates
diversity, and yet
is united in harmony.

We are multi-cultural
and multi-racial,
and to us,
our racial harmony is
a fundamental principle that we live by.



An iconic building
at our waterfront landscape,
the centre for performing arts
for our island home.



We have a penchant
for acronyms,
perhaps because
we are an efficient bunch.

From ECP to PIE,
CPF to HDB -
these acronyms pepper
our daily conversations.


National Day Parade 

An annual celebration of our country's journey
of independence and achievements.

It is also an occasion where Singaporeans don red and white,
paint their faces with the national flag and
sing our national songs with pride and gusto!

(Text taken from SingPost stamp issue press release.)